Education Programs

At Addictions Recovery Centers, we believe knowledge is power. We offer various levels of education programs to meet the needs of all clients.

Our education programs make participants aware of how drugs can affect the mind and body in addition to relationships and general functioning. The classes show the potential damage that could occur, or they’ll help reveal the damage that has already happened and possible ways to repair it.

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Level 1 Education Group

Participants of this group are not diagnosed with either dependence or abuse. This program is basic alcohol and drug education for those deemed in need of at least a minimal level of service.

The Level I group is an eight hour program in which the participant attends two sessions that are four hours in length.  It is comprised of group discussion, lecture, and video regarding the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.   Alternatives to substance use and healthy decision-making skills are also introduced.  The fee for this group is $100.

  • One-day, eight-hour class

  • $100 class fee

  • Group discussion, lecture, video elements

“Thinking for a Change”

The “Thinking for a Change” educational series is a cognitive approach for persons identified with a substance abuse condition.  This 10 week program meets one time per week for 10 sessions with each lasting two hours.

A significant part of this series is the use of workbooks requiring the participant to complete assignments for each session.  The educational program is evidence based and has been proven effective in reducing continued substance use in particular for participant’s referred through the criminal justice system.

  • 10 two-hour sessions

  • Workbook-based

  • Referrals from criminal justice system

Substance Abuse Education Group

Participants of the substance abuse education group must have had an assessment that diagnoses the individual as an abuser of one or more substances.

Sessions include information regarding the physiological, spiritual, and mental effects of mood-altering substances. Discussions, lectures, and videos regarding alcoholism and drug dependency are also part of the curriculum.

Classes are held one time per week, each lasting two hours typically for 12 sessions.  This program uses evidence based curricula.

  • 12 two-hour sessions

  • Discussions, lectures and videos

  • Participants must have a substance abuse diagnosis