Who We Are

ARC – family owned and operated since 1985.  The tenants of strong family can be found in our programs.  We call it “The ARC Way” and it begins with the belief that change begins with individual effort, personal responsibility, unyielding commitment to change, and maximum desire to live free of substances. The ARC Way commits to sobriety and healthy living and provides the link between the individual and the larger community –strengthening each along the way.  Freedom from alcohol and drugs is often a difficult, unclear path but in the end, in concert it can be done –Finding Solutions Together.

Overview of Services

ARC provides outpatient services that are related to the misuse of one or more substances.  Enrollment in one of our programs requires a current clinical evaluation from a recognized addictions provider.  Program length and intensity is aligned to the severity of the identified problem.

Who We Serve

Currently, ARC offers services in the Indiana cities of:  Elkhart, Goshen, LaGrange and South Bend.  Additional information on each office can be found on the Locations page.

Our Scope

As our mission dictates, ARC services apply to individuals with issues pertaining to alcohol and or other drug consumption.  While proving beneficial and appropriate to a substantial portion of this population, the ability to serve all individuals in it may be limited by: the nature and severity of certain mental health issues; medication and other monitoring required by a physician; the means to arrange for and meet financial obligations associated with program costs. Individuals with such characteristics may be outside the scope of ARC’s service offerings. Additionally, all participants must be appropriate for an outpatient setting and be at least 18 years of age.


ARC staff are available to take calls from 9:00 AM until 5:00P M Monday through Friday.  All services are by appointment only, and are available Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays in some locations.  Services are available in the morning, afternoon and evening depending on the location and type of service being offered.  Please contact the ARC office closest to you between the 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM call in time to get specific information by location.  In the event of an  after-hours emergency, please contact 911 or contact your local community mental health center