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Recovery Works

ARC is a Recovery Works provider of outpatient clinical services as well as case management services.  Recovery Works participants must have a referral from an authorized criminal justice agency to ARC in order to be eligible.   Recovery Works will pay up to 100% of treatment costs for those referred to ARC under that program.

Elkhart County Drug Free Partnership

Elkhart County Drug Free Partnership (ECDFP):  ARC has been fortunate in receiving funds that assist participants in therapy groups.  For specific services available under the ECDFP funding, contact either our Goshen or Elkhart location.

LaGrange Drug Free Community Fund

LaGrange Drug Free Community Fund assists financially challenged individuals by offering discounted rates for therapy (IOP,MOP, Relapse) groups.  Funds are limited.

Whitley County Drug Free Community

Whitley County Drug Free Community:  Offering subsidies for qualifying persons at our Columbia City location.  Funds are limited.